The automobile industry in Shrajah is considered one of the fast growing automobile industries in the world. The Gulf Co-operation Council countries had around seven million vehicles, including 2.5 million in the UAE in 2010 alone.
The United Arab Emirates is the central port of automobile supply in the region. With imports from Europe and Japan, the UAE exports merchandise to GCC, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and burgeoning markets in Africa.
Sharjah Auto Park is designed in a way to cover all segments of sales and purchase of cars, machinery and spare parts, all types of heavy and light vehicle maintenance including per- various types of cars, machinery, yachts, boats, generators, cranes, construction and earth works machinery hence making it a one stop solution for customer and an ideal opportunity for new and existing businessmen, promising high returns on investment.
The park incorporates almost 50 active segments of automobile and spare parts industry to enhance the cohesiveness of the two interlinked industries.

Sharjah Auto Park will serve as a complete one-stop shop for all automobile related activities. It is designed to be efficient, spacious and aesthetically luxurious. Wide fully carpeted roads pave their way around the complex offering a 3 meter boundary clearance area on each plot.
With 24-hour security, our clients can feel at ease exhibiting without added expenditures. Utilities such as Electricity, Water and Telecommunication enhance the utility of the facility. 100% infrastructure of International Standard is ready and property is ready for position.
With aesthetically designed green belts and water features, Sharjah Auto Park represents luxury and functionality wrapped up in one trouble-free layout.

Sharjah Auto Park provides a unique multi-faceted zone with all automobile segments in one complex. The placement of each sector complements each other with the auto spare part sector placed in the heart of the complex catering to the heavy equipment and car show room section. Complete with an office space, display area and boundary wall and gate the facility is well organized and systematic.
The car and maintenance sector is being developed to facilitate new and used cars business entities. Providing a suitable environment for such entities to come together and grow in a suitable environment to purchase designated plots for trading in UAE or export to regional countries.
The facility opens into the car showroom sector where various automobile manufacturers display their products in a comfortable and stable environment. The addition of the Sharjah Auto Park will open up new avenues to new and veteran businessmen.

The auto park seeks to provide an opportune environment for the construction sector. As development projects grow at an exponential rate within and around the UAE it has become imperative to house heavy machinery nearby. Sharjah Auto Park seizes this opportunity and provides a one-stop solution for heavy with supplying to the construction industry, this sector plays a major role in providing its services to the logistics industry. Due to the strategic placement of 3 ports around the city, the demand for logistical work is enormous. The Khurafkan Port remains extremely busy through out the year.

Sharjah Auto Park offers not only options for sale but has an entire facility devoted towards the maintenance and after sale services. This sector will house body parts, engine parts, pumps, bearing, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, filters and lubricants, brake parts, suspension parts, rubber parts and gear parts.
Repairs and auto makeovers are available under on roof. Along with parts for automobiles this sector will also house parts from earth moving/heavy machinery.
Sharjah remains to be the largest exporter of quality; used spare parts to countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and GCC. This makes the showroom even more practical not only for local residents but also for international traders.
This sector will include:

- Branded spare parts dealers
- Tyres and rim parts distributors
- Hydraulic and suspension parts importers and traders
- Lubricants traders and suppliers
- Cranes and Earth work machinery equipment parts dealers
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We, at Al Hanoo Real State Co, are inspired by His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, to develop Sharjah as the cultural capital of UAE. Our developments have received encouragement from Sharjah’s residential community, who are thrilled with our concepts and vision for the future, particularly for our rich cultural designs, our eco-friendly concepts and community-focused approach.

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